amolvartal ABOUT ME

The name Amol vartak is fairly well known to photographer in Maharashtra and particularly to those particularly to those participating in various salons & competitions.

Amol has number of award & recognition in National & state level competition.He observed work of so many photographer & he Created his different style in photography. Amol is passionate photographer. He uses his creative & different type of visualisation in his photography.

Basically Amol is student of engineering . he is technically very sound . He has conducted many workshops, slide shows exhibitions in Maharashtra. Amol has fifteen years experience in photography . He will never forget the valuable guidance, he got from such a motivated person , his guru a well known photographer Nirbhay patil. ARPS

A part from photography he has found of reading good books, visiting different places, meet different people , visiting different artist & exhibitions.

In Amol overall personality there is a strong impact of his social activist father & artist mother Amol is strong believer of science & Technology.